About David Fox

David Fox developed an interest in DJing after spending a summer abroad in 2003, seeing some of the world's top DJs perform live. Shortly after, he bought some basic DJ equipment and started doing house parties and campus events while in college at NC State. That grew into DJing at some of Raleigh’s hottest clubs and bars. David kept DJing the club/bar scene for 7 years while he finished college and graduate school, receiving his law degree and MBA in 2010. David joined the Bunn DJ family in 2011, making the switch to DJing private events and weddings almost exclusively. In 2013, David decided to leave the legal profession and pursue his dream of being a full-time DJ, opening the Charleston office of Bunn DJ Company in 2014. David stays busy, running a team of 10 DJs and still performing 80-90 events per year.
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