Lighting your indoor or outdoor venue is incredibly important and something that should never be overlooked. Bunn DJ Company offers three different types of lighting: cafe lighting, dance floor lighting, and uplighting.

1. Cafe (string) Lighting

Cafe lighting (also called String Lighting or Market Lighting) is beautiful, people love it. In outdoor venues, we will hang it in tents or over dance floors. We’ll also hang them in darker indoor venues like converted barns. They are meant to provide lighting at a downward angle and must be hung high enough so that guests won’t accidentally jump up and hit them. If you choose cafe lighting you should also strongly consider dimmers so that you can control the amount of light. Cafe lighting puts off a lot more light than people think and no one likes dancing on a very bright dance floor.

2. Dance Floor Lighting

Dance floor lighting is a great choice if you want to create that party atmosphere. It goes best with modern indoor venues. It also allows us to bring the house lights down a little bit lower and showcase the array of changing colors. When these lights are turned on, everyone knows it’s party time.

Check out our Dance Floor Lighting Demo Video for more info.

3. Uplighting

Uplighting looks great in both indoor and outdoor venues. We highly recommend it in hotels, ballrooms, or convention centers. There is a stark difference between not having it and having it; it creates a finished and polished look from the traditional decor of those types of spaces. In outdoor venues, you can use it to highlight trees such as large oak trees in Charleston. We do not typically recommend uplighting for use in a historic home or venue because of its modern look.

Check out our Uplighting Demo Video for more info.

(Towards the end of the video you will see the color changing mode but that is not something we have to do, they can stay on the color(s) you selected for the entire evening. You can select any color(s) you would like)