Bunn DJ Company was honored to be selected as the exclusive DJ for this year’s Big Fake Wedding in Charlotte, NC.

About the Event

For those that don’t know, The Big Fake Wedding is a bridal show alternative that allows engaged couples to meet local wedding vendors and actually see them in action.  The only thing fake about the wedding is that no one gets married.  While we admit that marriage is a pretty significant part of a wedding, everything else is exactly the same as a real wedding.  A real couple renews their wedding vows in a beautiful ceremony.  Designers provide flowers, intricate place settings, and decorations throughout the venue.  Photographers and videographers document everything.  There is food, drinks, a photo booth, lawn games, and of course, our favorite part of any event: dancing.

The Ceremony

Everything went down at the recently opened Noah’s Event Venue in Charlotte.  I was able to work with the super talented Dean’s Duets during the ceremony.  We provided a sound system to amplify their beautiful violin and harp renditions of contemporary hits.  They slipped in “Beauty and the Beast,” which I thought was a nice touch since the live-action film had recently been released.  We also provided microphones for the officiant and couple during the vow renewal.

1st Dance

Once the ceremony concluded, everyone moved to the reception area.  That space contained the “tunnel of love” where vendors were set-up, showcasing their products and talents.  I introduced our couple, Lindsey and Sean, into the reception area and they had their 1st Dance to Steve Moakler’s “Thing About Us.”  The ladies from Dean’s Duets then performed a few live songs, this time with guitar, keyboard, and vocals, while guests got a chance to snap some photos at the Shutter Hutch photo booth, speak to Classic Bride and Formals about the stunning wedding dress they provided, and explore all of the other great vendors.  We had our DJ, Evan Gordon, in attendance to provide more information about Bunn DJ Company, while I was DJing.

The Dancing

This event was also different from a typical wedding because most of the people in attendance did not actually know the bride and groom…or each other.  In situations like that, sometimes people can be hesitant to dance.  That was NOT the case with this crowd.  I decided to play a range of dance hits throughout the night.  I mixed older songs like “It’s Your Thing” by the Jackson 5, “Straight Up” by Paula Abdul, and “No Diggity” by Blackstreet with songs that are currently topping the charts like “Stay” by Zedd and Alessia Cara, and “That’s What I Like” by Bruno Mars.  The dance floor filled quickly with the wedding party, event attendees, and even a few vendors.  The make-up of the dance floor changed throughout the night as people left to check out the various vendors in attendance.  It seemed that everyone always grooved their way back when a specific song hit them the right way.  The dance floor hit peak occupancy at the end of the night.  We then headed outside to see Sean and Lindsey off through a colorful array of smoke bombs.

You can check out all of the fun with this video recap by BNR Bridal.

Photo courtesy of Maggie Mills Photography

-Blog by DJ Brandon Alley