Plumbers have tools, mechanics have tools so why shouldn’t you? In this section, you’ll find all the things you need to build the perfect event.

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Let’s start with the basics of your event.
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Create Your Playlist

People who hire us love music, it’s just that simple. This section will help us figure out exactly what to play to make your party jump.

Upload Your Songlist Document

Have you been driving around for months adding sticky notes to your dash for songs that you want to hear at your event? Toss them on an Excel spreadsheet or MS Word doc and upload away!

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Submit a Spotify Playlist

Do you love Spotify as much as we do? Then this is the way that you are going to want to create your playlist. Listen to our Top 300 list and then narrow it down.

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Song List

Want to try our online music planner? Or maybe you’ve already started a playlist with us online? Click here!

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Submit a Spotify Playlist

1) Start with our Top 300 Song Playlist

You can start using the player below.

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If you would rather import the playlist directly, click here.

2) Add the songs you like to your own new playlist

Right click the songs you want and add them to your own playlist as shown below:

3) Add any of your own favorite songs to your new playlist as desired!

4) Copy your finished playlist's HTTP Link and paste it into the form below:

If you don't see this option, right click on the playlist and select "Make Public" first. Still not sure how to do it? Click here for help.

Upload Your Songlist Document


Download our blank Song List template
Or start your own Word document, spreadsheet or PDF if you prefer!


Check out our Top 300 Songs to get you started
Download it in XLS format below.


Upload your complete songlist document
Once you've finished building your song list, use the form below to submit it!

Submit Our Quicklist Form

If you don't feel like messing with Spotify or editing files, you can use this simple form to submit your DJ event playlist. Feel free to use our Top 300 Song List to get you started!

Make a Payment

Our favorite part - just kidding (not really).
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