Libby and Willard celebrated their wedding this past Saturday at the lovely Bridge Club in downtown Raleigh, NC. The guests arrived shortly before 6pm for cocktails on the 2nd floor where I had music waiting for them. After about an hour or so, I made an announcement to send everyone up to the 3rd floor for dinner. I had another smaller system up there for just music and toasts.

During the end of dinner, the toasts started flowing. There were some really great ones-from songs to poems and everything in between! You can tell the guests loved this couple! After the toasts came dessert and then I had to round everyone up to head back downstairs for the dance party. It took a few announcements, but I finally got everyone down there! Before I went into the dance mix though, Libby and Willard shared their first dance to “Someone Like You” by Van Morrison. As soon as their song ended, I went right into their request list and just started rocking as many as I could before the end of the night. It was an awesome party with all ages getting down. The night wrapped with a big sparkler departure out on the street on a brisk Fall night. Amazing party!

DJing is more than just showing up and pressing play. It’s also more than just knowing how to choose songs and mix them together. Begin a wedding DJ is about creating experiences and atmospheres. That’s what our DJing philosophy boils down to. We don’t want to just provide the perfect music. We want to create the perfect day. That’s why we excel in what we do. And this wedding was a perfect example of that. Working with this awesome couple to create the day they envisioned is something we’ll never forget. And it’s a service we provide all our Raleigh Weddings again and again.