Josh & Katie’s Wedding

Josh and I go way back! I was rocking bar gigs for him and his crew like 20 years ago, so I knew going into this, that it would be a party. They didn’t disappoint! The day started with their wedding ceremony being held right outside the ballroom on the patio. As they were wrapping up getting married, I was finishing my setup inside (nice and cool). The guests were treated to lovely classical music from the same quartet that did the ceremony. After cocktails, the guests made their way into my room and I went out to line up the bridal party. The bridal party made their way in to “I Gotta Feeling” by Black Eyed Peas. When Josh and Katie walked through the double doors they wanted Jagged Edge’s “Let’s Get Married” remix. People went nuts. They hit the dance floor and went right into their first dance, “Truly” by Lionel Richie. What a great and classic choice!

The Dinner & dancing

After their dance, Katie’s godfather gave an amazing blessing and then the food stations opened. As dinner came to a close, we had great toasts from the father of the bride, maid of honor (who threatened to do a “mic drop” but luckily didn’t LOL), and from the best man. Next, Katie and Josh cut their cake (not this R2D2 one, another one), and then Katie and her father and Josh and his mom danced to “Your Song” by Elton John. Finally, it was time for dancing! From the first song to the last, the dance floor stayed rocking. I played everything from oldies to the new Justin Timberlake and then some old school in between. What a mix! The night ended with everyone circled around the couple singing Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” (Katie’s grandmother’s favorite song). What a party! Congrats to the new Mr. and Mrs. Hailey!

DJing is more than just showing up and pressing play. It’s also more than just knowing how to choose songs and mix them together. Begin a wedding DJ is about creating experiences and atmospheres. That’s what our DJing philosophy boils down to. We don’t want to just provide the perfect music. We want to create the perfect day. That’s why we excel in what we do. And this wedding was a perfect example of that. Working with this awesome couple to create the day they envisioned is something we’ll never forget. And it’s a service we provide all our Raleigh Weddings again and again.