Last Saturday took me right back to where I was seven days before for a wedding, Rose Hill Plantation…but I’m not complaining. I’ve loved that place since my dad took me there shooting as a little boy (in fact, we still go a couple of times a year together). It’s a beautiful place! They had their ceremony behind the old house in a gazebo right by the lake. It was overcast, but overall a perfect day and perfect temperature for an outdoor ceremony. We provided the mic for the amazing as always officiant Barbara Lodge and we also played the pre-recorded music. Everything went great, and then it was off to the cocktail hour to start that speaker playing on the back of Nathan Hall.

The wedding Introductions and Dances

After striking the ceremony rig, I made final preparations inside the hall, invited the guests in, and then got ready for the grand introductions. The room looked amazing thanks to Kelly Odom. Everyone got in the mood right off the bat with “Uptown Funk” playing as the bridal party entered. Chris and Kim came in and everyone stood and cheered like it was a football game! I knew it was going to be a good night! They then went into their first dance which everyone expected was going to be the same old sway back and forth when all the sudden the John Legend song stopped abruptly. Everyone looked at me and Chris starts yelling, “What’s going on?” Luckily, I was in on the gag. After a few seconds of us going back and forth, their official first dance, a Jack Johnson track, kicked in and they went into the most beautiful foxtrot I’ve ever seen! I mean, for real, they killed! What a great start to the reception! Barbara gave the blessing the buffet opened. The food was great!

The Party!

After dinner, Kim and her dad danced to “My Girl” by The Temptations and Chris and his mom danced to “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton. After the parent dances, it was time to open the dance floor and party! Kim loves to dance, and it showed! She was out there rocking all night. I love brides like that! We only stopped for a cake cutting (another Ashley Cakes beauty), the bouquet and garter and then it was right back to the party. We closed out with “I’ve Had the Time of My Life” and sent them off under a sparkler shower. What a night!

DJing is more than just showing up and pressing play. It’s also more than just knowing how to choose songs and mix them together. Begin a wedding DJ is about creating experiences and atmospheres. That’s what our DJing philosophy boils down to. We don’t want to just provide the perfect music. We want to create the perfect day. That’s why we excel in what we do. And this wedding was a perfect example of that. Working with this awesome couple to create the day they envisioned is something we’ll never forget. And it’s a service we provide all our Raleigh Weddings again and again.