I could not have been more flattered when Gina asked me to be her DJ! She is a professional wedding planner and hears the best (and sometimes worst) DJ’s every weekend! I also got a change to work with some of my favorite fellow vendors in Megan & Kailey from A Southern Soiree, Christobal from Azul Photography, Phil, Jess & Lucy from Twenty-One Films, Kevin from Rocky Top Catering and of course Jennifer and Ashlee from The Sutherland!!!! They (Gina) chose Wake Forest’s charming Sutherland for both ceremony and reception and a gorgeous 68 degree day! As guests made their way to their seats for the ceremony, I had a mix of Vitamin String Quartet playing classical versions of pop and rock songs. The wedding party entered to an instrumental of Ben Folds “The Luckiest” and Gina and her father entered to a beautiful piano piece called “Begin Again” by The Piano Guys. After a short ceremony with hand written vows by Gina and Zach, the ceremony concluded and they recessed to and instrumental of “Young, Wild & Free” by Snoop Dogg.. LOL!!

Guests made their was around the house to the grooms terrace for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres and I had a mix of classic rock, country, standards and classic soul playing. After some pics were taken, the 180 guests found their way to their tables in the pavilion and I went into the house to line the wedding party up. I knew this was going to be a great reception!! The wedding party entered to Jimi Hendrix “Purple Haze” because Gina & Zach both went to ECU (and got me ECU pirate cufflinks as a gift!). Each couple danced into the pavilion and went right to the head table. Gina and Zach entered to “All I Do Is Win” to thunderous applause and into their first dance (well, now it was their second) to “You’re My Best friend” by Queen. They thanked everyone for coming and the plated salads came out and food stations opened.

After dinner, we had toasts my some bridesmaid (fav Melissa Sayre that brought me brownies!) and Tyler, the best man. I invited guests to the house to watch Gina and Zach cut the cake, then back to the pavilion for Gina’s dance with her father to “Little Miss Magic” by Jimmy Buffet and Zach & his mom’s dance to “Freebird” LOL!!

I opened the floor with Motown and beach that filled it for the next 2 hours to oldies, disco, 80’s, current dance music and some sing-a-longs. I mean FILLED!!! We paused briefly for a garter toss to “Danger Zone” and bouquet toss to “Girls, Girls, Girls” by Motley Crue. After the garter toss, I played “Bohemian Rhapsody” for Zach and his boys that sang the whole song with their arms around each other!! The night ended with the last dance to “Home Sweet Home” by Motley Crue and a confetti Canon and sparkler exit.

What a fantastic night and I had an absolute blast!!! Thank you Gina & Zach for everything!

DJing is more than just showing up and pressing play. It’s also more than just knowing how to choose songs and mix them together. Begin a wedding DJ is about creating experiences and atmospheres. That’s what our DJing philosophy boils down to. We don’t want to just provide the perfect music. We want to create the perfect day. That’s why we excel in what we do. And this wedding was a perfect example of that. Working with this awesome couple to create the day they envisioned is something we’ll never forget. And it’s a service we provide all our Raleigh Weddings again and again.