I’m a little behind on my blog posts, forgive me please! I’ve been in and out of town and doing shows all over, but I’m catching up right now by recalling an awesome one! Justine and Rob had their incredible reception at the rustic Fearrington Barn in Pittsboro. If you have read a lot of my blogs, you’ve seen me here a lot, but you know what? It never gets old! Love it there!

Let’s talk about it! Cocktails took place outside the barn around 6:00, with intros at 7:00. They chose an awesome old school jam for the intro “Boom Shake the Room” by The Fresh Prince! What??? Classic! Right after they entered, they went right into their first dance, another great choice, “Forever Like That” by Ben Rector. After the first dance, Justine and her father and Rob and his mother had their special dances. Next, the bride’s parents welcomed everyone and then all of the bride and groom’s uncles gave a traditional Jewish blessing over the challah. The food stations opened with tons of food for everyone after that.

As dinner ended, we had some great toasts and our cake cutting before getting into some raucous dancing! We had a few other special activities like the Anniversary Dance and a bouquet and garter toss, but for the most part, it was just a rager! What an amazing time and I can’t wait to see the photos from Krystal Kast! Congrats Justine and Rob!