Rupal and Wil had a full day of activities before I even arrived at the hotel on Saturday. Indian ceremonies are very involved and quite the celebration! I loved seeing all of the videos and pictures of what I missed from my buddy Chris Mapel that had introduced me to the groom many years ago when they lived together.

The day started with a cocktail hour with TONS of food set up outside the ballroom. I had music playing as everyone arrived and cocktailed. The doors to the ballroom and everyone was blown away. First of all, it was huge since there were over 350 guests, but also because the tables and “stage” area for the bride and groom were completely decked out. It looked great! I only introduced the parents, Rupal’s brother and wife, and the bride and groom, but the guests were on their feet as they heard the sounds of JayZ and Panjabi MC’s song “Beware of the Boys”. What a perfect start to the night!

Several family members stood up to speak next and then Wil and Rupal went ahead and cut the cake. Next up was the first dance to “Angels” by Robin Thicke (I love that song and that dude). Rupal and her dad danced next to a traditional Indian song, and then Wil and his mother danced to “How Sweet It Is” by Marvin Gaye. As soon as that song faded out, I was told to crank up the Indian dance tunes for 45 minutes, and the dance floor was immediately packed! All of that before dinner!

The massive dinner buffet opened up eventually, and everyone got all they could eat so they could fuel up for more dancing! I was playing more American pop and hip hop after dinner, but everyone was still rocking. They partied hard until almost midnight when Wil and Rupal said their last goodbyes. This was a great reception! Tons of dancing, food, and Indian traditions. Congrats to Wil and Rupal!