Serena and Graciana celebrated their wedding entirely at the NC Museum of Art. They had their ceremony in the older building and then a fiddle player led them over to the new wing where I was waiting. The guests entered and only had a short wait before I introduced Graciana and Serena into the room. Cocktails and drinks were flowing as I played classical the first 30 minutes of cocktails, then switched to Bossa Nova, and then classic rock as I was leading up to the dance set.

After most guests had eaten, we started the cake cutting and the four very special, memorable toasts. When those were done, I passed the mic to Serena and Graciana and each addressed the crowd. They were both great! They then went right into their first dance “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton. They only wanted the first verse and chorus and then BOOM, I quick mixed into The “Cha Cha Slide” and we invited only the bridal party out at first, and then all of the guests. That totally started the party. After dancing for several songs, Graciana’s mother came up and said she would like to do her performance. Basically the MOB opted to do a real, live tango vs. a toast! I loved it and her mother was a great dancer!

We had a quick, unplanned bouquet toss and then more dancing all the way up the last song where we ended the night with “Last Dance” by Donna Summer and then into “Closing Time” by Seminsonic for the “walking out the door” song. All in all, it was such a great reception. Special shout out to Chris Perez of Azul Photography who did photographs for Brian Mullins that was out with the flu. Yikes!