Christian’s parents, Janice and Chris, hired me to provide music for this post-wedding party for 50 guests at MacGregor Downs in Cary NC.  Christian, Marina and her daughter Abbey (who may be the cutest little girl ever) were married a month earlier at the beautiful Homestead in Virginia.  As guests arrived to the party I had a mix of soft rock and classic soul playing.

The social hour ended and guests took their seats for their salads and entrée’s as I continued a mix of soft rock and classic soul that included “Let It Go” for Abbey that totally surprised her.  The toast by Christian’s brother Justin and a thank you from Christian followed dinner.  The dessert came out and I started getting guests ready to dance the night away.

I opened the floor with Motown and filled with around 30 of the guests.  After a few oldies and a couple current songs, I mixed into Abbey’s request for “What Does The Fox Say” that brought a huge grin to her face and she ran over just to say thank you to me.  So sweet!  Then, right into the “tarantella” for the Italian guests that I had to play twice for the group dance to end.

We then had a version of “The shoe game” with the newlyweds against the “oldyweds” that had the newlyweds win by 1 point!  So close.  The winners won funny baseball caps that they wore the remainder of the night.

I opened the floor again with some 70’s disco that had Christian’s very reserved, quiet (not) Grandmother joining a long train to “Celebration” that went through the room and out into the hall before coming back in.  The dance floor was great all night.

I had so much fun with this group and was thrilled with my gift from Janice and Chris, a coffee mug that said “Italian by injection” that couldn’t be more appropriate for me.  I drank coffee out of it the next morning.  Thank you so much Janice and Chris for having me and congratulations Christian & Marina ..and of course sweet Abbey!