I was thrilled to play for Amelia and Evan because they are true music lovers, like me on April 11th, 2015. They had their reception at Durham’s Bay 7 with planner Tia from Erin McLean Events, Sarah from Angus Barn, videographer Dennis and photographer Julia Wade. As guests arrived for the cocktail hour on the top floor, they found their seating assignments on individual CD’s made to look like records. Each table was named after a band that Mia and Evan have seen together. Love it!!! For the cocktail hour I had a playlist of the band they love like The Grateful Dead, Alison Krauss, Springsteen, CSNY, Van Morrison…

As the cocktail hour wound down, I invited guests to the main floor for dinner and dancing. Their tables had table name stands that one side was an album cover by the band the table was named after, the other side had pics of Mia and Evan at the show and the ticket stub. Such an awesome idea! The wedding party was introduced to “Good Vibrations” by The Beach Boys and Amelia and Evan came in and right to the dance floor for their first dance to “Something’ by The Beatles. They took their seats at the sweetheart table and Amelia’s father welcomed everyone with a heartfelt speech that included a story of her when she was a High School freshman. Their officiant Dr. Wilson blessed the meal and the Angus Barn staff escorted guests to the food stations. During dinner I continued the same music mix as cocktails. Towards the end of dinner, I welcomed the guests from 20 states by having them stand when I called their state out. The toasts followed, and then Amelia joined her father on the floor for their dance to “Comes A Time” by Neil Young and Evan escorted his mother to the floor to dance to “You Are The Sunshine Of My Life” by Stevie Wonder. I opened the floor for a little while to Motown and some current dance music while the desert and coffee station opened.

We paused briefly for the cake cutting to UB40’s “Can’t Help Falling In Love” and then back to dancing to some oldies, current dance music and 80’s until the end of the night. It was awesome to see Evan dancing and singing to “Rosalita” by Springsteen and doing the “duck walk” to “You Shook Me All Night Long”! Towards the end of the night Mia changed into “dancing sneakers” that were pink with “Mrs. Thorn” painted on the tops. So great! She put them on right in time for “Footloose” that her and Evan pulled off perfectly!

The night ended with “Take Me Home Tonight” by Eddie Money (that they have seen together) and a glow stick exit up the stairs. What a fun night and a terrific couple to play for !