Callen and Matthew chose the beautiful Prestonwood Country Club in Cary NC for their reception and I was excited to start out the year of weddings there with Joey from Prestonwood, photographers Frank (who manned the photo booth), Elizabeth and Christa from Sweet Life Studios and videographers Twenty-One Films.

The doors to the ballroom opened aftera social hour and guests came in and saw beautiful winter inspired centerpieces on the tables by The Watered Garden.  I lined the wedding party up for introductions and they came into the room to “Footloose” and stood at the bottom of the large staircase for Callen and Matthew to come down.  When they appeared at the top of the stairs there was a loud roar of applause and they came down the staircase and right into their first dance.  I had done a custom song edit for them that started with “Hold On” by Michael Buble then into “Build Me Up Buttercup” that caught all the guests off guard.  Nicely done!  They took their seats and Callen’s mother welcomed everyone and Pastor Dave said the blessing.  The salads and entrée’s came out and I started a custom mix of standards and soft rock.

After dinner and 3 toasts we had the cake cutting to “Everything” by Michael Buble and Callen made her way to the floor to dance with her father to “Cinderella” by Steven Curtis Chapman and Matthew escorted his mother to the floor for their dance to The Beatles “In My Life”.    I then opened the floor to some beach music and Motown while Callen changed into her “dancing dress” and the wedding party started dancing and guests followed.  The photo booth started getting some action and I switched to some current dance music for the younger guests.  Callen had requested “What does the fox say” earlier in the week and I dropped it when there were about 6 kids dancing with the older guests.  They got huge grins on their faces and started singing along and acting the song out.  It was awesome!  Now I know why Callen wanted it played.  I followed that with another request by Callen, a “tush-push” dance to Duffy’s “Mercy”.  Everyone started doing the dance with Callen including her Grandparents.

We stopped to do the bouquet toss to “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” and the garter toss to “Another One Bites The Dust”.  More current dance music brought everyone back out to the floor until the end of the evening.  That was when one of the most touching parts of a wedding reception I have seen came.  I played the last song of “Unforgettable” and made guests gather in the front lobby for the snow exit since it was 25 degrees out.  We locked the ballroom doors so Callen and Matthew could have one last dance alone surrounded by candles on the dance floor to Frank Sinatra’s “it Had To Be You”.  Callen and Matthew then made their way to join the guests for their exit and their horse drawn carriage getaway.  Callen always wanted a fairy tale wedding and this was about as close as you could get.  What a wonderful evening!