Nicole and Larry LOVE Halloween so they decided they wanted to have the happiest day of their lives on their favorite day of the year, even though it was a Thursday afternoon.  The setting and weather could not have been more perfect for the 40 guests.  The B&B Country Garden Inn is set on a pond and has a huge back yard that I set up on.  The 70 degrees made it perfect with a little breeze coning off the pond.  As guests arrived to the ceremony held on a dock at the pond, I had classical music playing and some soft rock.  The wedding party came from the house to the ceremony site to “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perry and Nicole entered with her Father to a classical version of “Joy and Sorrow” originally done my HIM.  Larry could not have been happier all day.  From the moment I saw him he was excited and had a huge grin on his face!  After their vows Nicole and Larry left to Foo Fighters “Everlong” and went to the pond with the guests for pictures that had white swans swimming in the background.

The cocktail hour on the back porch of the home took place while the wedding party had more pics taken and I played a mix of classic and modern rock.  Remington Grill catered the dinner with Barbeque and the fixings and it was great!  I continued the rock mix through dinner and the reception.  This was one of the most laid back groups I have ever played for.  Nicole and Larry visited with guests on the porch and opened presents during the reception.  No pressure on me to keep people dancing was fine for me.  I loved just playing music and being by the pond.  Nicole did dance with her Father to “I Loved Her First” on the ceremony dock and then Larry joined her for their first dance of “I’ll Follow You” by Shinedown.

They had their cake cutting inside the house to “Sweetest Thing” by U2 and Larry’s Father and he both said toasts.  It was so great to play for this couple that couldn’t be happier to be married to each other.  Congratulations Nicole and Larry!