Monique and Jerry are such a lovely & funny couple and I was thrilled to be playing their wedding ceremony and reception. I didn’t get to meet Monique until right before she walked down the aisle, but she was stunning! The ceremony was held outside in the brick courtyard at downtown Raleigh’s wonderful Lebanese restaurant Sitti.

I had light classical music playing as guests found their seats. The wedding party and Monique entered to The Brooklyn Duo’s “Jurassic Park Medley” (LOL!!). After a short service by Pastor Francoise, the guests made their way to the dining room for cocktails and air conditioning while Monique and Jerry had some pics taken around downtown Raleigh.

The pics were done and Monique and Jerry were introduced to her favorite song, “Treasure” by Bruno Mars. They made their way through the small crowd of 50 and to the floor for their first dance to “Kiss Me” by Ed Sheeran. I invited guests back into the dining room for dinner and the buffet opened. During dinner, I had a mix of soft rock, indie rock, and a few beach music songs playing including “Jerry’s In Love” by Chairmen Of The Board. Towards the end of dinner, we had a few toasts and I invited all the guests back out to the brickyard for dancing. Monique started with her dance with her father to “Unforgettable” by Natalie and Nat King Cole and Jerry escorted his mother to the floor for their dance to “What A Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong.   I opened the floor for everyone with Motown and some current dance music.

We paused briefly for the cake cutting inside to “How Sweet It Is” which even included a traditional Jamaican cake! I ended the night with Luther Vandross’s “Always & Forever” and their exit to “Treasure” by Bruno Mars.

DJing is more than just showing up and pressing play. It’s also more than just knowing how to choose songs and mix them together. Begin a wedding DJ is about creating experiences and atmospheres. That’s what our DJing philosophy boils down to. We don’t want to just provide the perfect music. We want to create the perfect day. That’s why we excel in what we do. And this wedding was a perfect example of that. Working with this awesome couple to create the day they envisioned is something we’ll never forget. And it’s a service we provide all our Raleigh Weddings again and again.