Wedding Music and Ceremony Perfection

A Bridal Party That Knew How To Dance

Wedding Rings on a TableWe’ve been in the Raleigh wedding DJ business a long time. And though we’ve expanded, Raleigh is still in many ways our home base. And it’ll always be where we really got our start and made a name for ourselves.

On top of that, it has some of the best wedding venues in North Carolina. And Merrimon-Wynne is no exception to that. 

This is definitely a great venue in terms of layout. There’s a lot of space for ceremony, reception, and (of course) DJing. And that’s something we always respect in a venue. 

Merrimon-Wynne also has the capability to be an indoor and outdoor venue. And when the weather is nice (like it was for this wedding), having a combination like that can be amazing. And that’s just what happened with this Raleigh wedding.


Bunn DJs Always Bring the Party

We’ve said it before but we’ll say it again: there ain’t no party like a Bunn DJ party. And we’ve proven that time and time again. With almost 500 Raleigh weddings a year, we’ve got a good thing going. And we love sharing it.

Throwing the best parties for our couples is why we do it. And we do that with the best music and the most talented and experienced DJs.

It comes down to our passion for creating the best events. Whether they’re in Raleigh or all the way in California. And creating the best events is as much an art as a science.

Yes, you need to have great DJs and awesome music. And seamlessly mixing the music and choosing the perfect follow-up song to keep the dance floor rocking is the art. But a big part of creating a perfect Raleigh wedding is having solid planning and active customer service.

You can be the best DJ in the world, but if you go into a wedding or event with poor planning… well, we don’t like to think about it.


Oldies, EDM, and Raleigh History

We always have the best time at Merrimon-Wynne. It’s definitely one of the top tier wedding venues in Raleigh (and possibly North Carolina in general). And best of all, it’s great for parties.

A venue is one of the most important decisions couples make (other than if they should book Bunn DJs, of course). WeddingWire recently posted their wedding stats from last year, and the number one most-contacted vendor was the venue. 

The wedding venue is the first choice many couples make, and can also be one of the most important. 

And when you look at Merrimon-Wynne, you can see why so many couples choose to get married here.

The ceremony was held on the lawn under the huge tree at the end. Our job with this wedding was to provide sound for the ceremony and music for the day. And the ceremony went perfectly. Starting off with Canon in D can’t be beat.

We really can’t say enough about the venue working so well with the flow of the day. And part of that is due to excellent day-of coordination. But another big part of that success is attributable to the venue itself.


Always the Best Music

We’ve said a lot about Merrimon-Wynne so far. But that’s to be expected when you have a venue like this. 


As DJs, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Mary and Logan’s jammin’ music. And while we always love talking about the venue, it’s the music and the vibe where we truly shine.

Bunn DJs are a different breed. We never just show up, press play, and hope for the best. After working directly with this couple, we were able to get a feel for their music preferences, favorite songs, and vision for the day itself. And when we have all that information, we’re able to fully craft a vibe

And this was without a doubt a unique vibe. We went from a bridal party introduction to “I Gotta Feeling” into a first dance to “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran. And for the dance party, we opened with some classic 80s jams. From there we moved into some top 40 and ended the night with EDM. 

We always like it when couples put something of themselves into their music. Sure, we could do our thing, read the room, and figure out what works. But it makes a great night for everyone when the music means something to both the couple and bridal party.

Basically what we’re trying to say is music selection is important. It’s how you really customize your day. And it’s our specialty. 

When you work with a couple as closely as we do, you start to get a feel for their vibe. And that’s important when you’re in charge of the soundtrack of the day. Which is another reason why we like to take the time to get to know all our brides and grooms. When you start to really get a feel for a couple, you learn their tastes. And that’s how you can have the best wedding DJ experience. 


Closing Thoughts

We love what we do. Getting to raise the roof for every single one of our couples is an amazing experience. And it’s an experience we wouldn’t trade for anything.

Everyone is different and everyone’s music tastes are different. And it’s important to us to work with all our couples to determine all their musical preferences. That way we can craft the perfect wedding soundtrack.

We couldn’t have made this Raleigh wedding as amazing as it was without the Merrimon-Wynne House and all the other amazing vendors. Everyone working together as a team is how we create the best flow on the big day. 




If you’re planning a wedding and found this blog helpful, we’d love to hear about it! And if you’re looking for the best wedding DJs in Raleigh, Bunn DJ Company is here to help. Contact us if you’re looking for awesome music for your wedding, party, or corporate event. And we look forward to rockin’ the house.