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Private Events

As we said before, a party isn’t a party without great music, and you don’t want to have to mess around with an iPod while you’re trying to enjoy a drink or a conversation. Hire us to take the burden off of you. We are available for all types of private events including birthdays, reunions, or just about any type of party or event that needs great music. We have the greatest stories from the smallest of parties.

Contact us and let us convert your ideas and song choices into the perfect soundtrack for your upcoming event. We will make the night memorable and not just another boring party.

Click the above images to find out more about the private event services we offer.

Corporate Event DJ Services

In addition to weddings, schools, and other events, we are also the best choice for your corporate gigs. Why? Because we are professional and take the business of music and the art of DJ’ing very seriously…just as you do your business.

Whether you need a DJ for an afternoon picnic for your employees or for a huge holiday blowout, we are there for you. We love to start relationships with businesses and often work with them several times a year. We have worked for small startup companies all the way up to Fortune 500 national corporations. Big or small, we can handle them all.

Take a few minutes to reach out to us so that we can tell you more about what we can do to entertain you and your employees. You work hard, so plan an event that will allow you to take a break. Leave the work up to us for your event.

School Dances & Proms DJ Services

We are also known for rocking school events ranging from 13 year olds in middle school, to 16 year olds at their first prom, to Greeks in fraternity houses. We have DJs that know exactly what to play and when. Most importantly, we have the radio edits of the songs that are hot right now.

We can cater the sound and lights to your scene. We have a massive system for up to 2000 students, or a much smaller system for a frat party in a basement.

Contact us and we’ll make sure that you get the DJ and the sound/lighting that you need to have a great party.