Rachel & Enzo’s Wedding at Bay 7

The Wedding Ceremony

Rachel and Enzo had both their wedding ceremony and reception at the lovely Bay 7 on the American Tobacco Campus in Durham, NC. The ceremony music was handled by a pianist covering pop songs but reworked for the piano. They were perfect. The officiant was none other than Angus Barn/Bay 7 co-owner Mr. Steve Thanhauser. He may be a restauranteur at heart, but honestly, he could do weddings in his spare time if he wanted to…although I don’t think he has much spare time these days! What a great way to start the day! As the ceremony ended, everyone made their way upstairs for cocktails and I played an amazing list of lounge/house/Rat Pack stuff that the couple hand picked for that time and for dinner. Great stuff!

The First Dance

Once I got everyone back down and seated for dinner, the introductions took place. The bridal party came down the stairs to Kayne’s “All of the Lights” and that got everyone stoked. Once Rachel and Enzo hit the dance floor for their first dance, it was deafening in there. Trust me, Jersey folks like to party! Their first dance to “Be Mine” was perfect and they ended with a nice little dip. All of Rachel’s brothers came up after the dance and welcomed folks and toasted the new couple. Steve then gave a rundown of the night’s menu, and man, this was some spread. I got to eat and it was a huge treat! His wife Van gave a beautiful blessing and then it was dinner time.

The Dancing

As dinner wrapped up, there were a couple of toasts from the best man and maid of honor and then from that point on, party!!! These folks came to get down. In fact, this was the longest reception I had ever done. At one point, they even broke out tables and started playing “flip cup” and I think even beer pong! Epic! I wrapped up around 1am, but I honestly think a handful of folks wanted to keep the night going! What an awesome reception! Thanks for having me Enzo and Rachel!