Hands down, a photo booth is a terrific way to entertain your guests. The photos they take make built-in favors and you’ll be able to add those images to your captured memories. Photo booths come in a variety of styles with lots of different features. Here’s a rundown of photo booth rental options as well as some tips to help you find the right photo booth company.

Tried and true classic photo booth

With a classic or vintage photo booth, guests cozy up in an enclosed space to take a variety of shots. The images are printed out immediately and you can customize those wedding photo booth strips with your names and wedding date to mark the occasion. You’ll also receive copies for your own memories. Your guests don’t need to be tech savvy with this booth, but interior space is limited. Good for taking photos of two individuals. You’ll also need to factor in a location for setup.

Ask your local Bunn DJ Company location whether or not they offer photo booth rentals and the types available. You can rent a photo booth in the Raleigh area and a photo booth in the San Diego area.

Enjoy an open-air photo booth

An open-air photo booth works well when you want group shots of friends and family. You can choose from a variety of backdrops to match your theme or even design your own. All your guests need to do is press the start button for a countdown to fun-filled pictures. Some companies offer on-the-spot prints, while others request a guest’s phone number or email to receive digital images. You’ll need space for your backdrop.

Mirror, mirror photo booth

Add a touch of luxury to your occasion with this wedding selfie station. From full length to compact sizes, a mirror photo booth operates with just a quick swipe. Photos are customizable before printing. And you can create GIFs and boomerangs which are sent to your guests’ phones. Like the classic and open-air photo booths, this one is also stationary. It’s best for small group shots.

Get mobile with your photo booth

A roaming photo booth is a great alternative to a stationary setup. A mobile digital photo booth takes still images as well as creates GIFs and boomerang animations for social media sharing. Images are texted or emailed to your guests’ phones. A photographer gives your guests a hand-held device for taking selfies. It’s easy to use and your guests don’t need to leave the dance floor.

A 360-degree experience

One of the hottest guest entertainment trends, the 360 photo booth is actually a video booth. Your guests stand on a platform while a revolving camera captures them in slow motion. Your guests can then receive their videos via text or email. Custom overlay graphics can also be applied. It usually takes about two hours to set up and the platform can typically accommodate no more than three guests at a time.

An alternative to a guest book

The Polaroid camera, invented in 1948, has taken on a new life as an event entertainment and keepsake maker. Invite your guests to take polaroids and sign them with a Sharpie. Then display their best wishes as part of your wedding decor. In addition to instant prints, a polaroid photo booth is also wifi enabled for easy sharing. Compact in size, this booth works best for individual subjects or couples. And you need to have plenty of polaroid film on hand.

What to look for in a photo booth company

Whatever type of photo booth you choose, it’s important to work with a company that has a solid reputation for both its equipment and customer service. Look for an experienced photo booth provider who offers plenty of props and a variety of background choices (if required).

You’ll also want an attendant who not only provides technical assistance but also keeps your guests engaged while waiting their turn. Be sure to ask your photo booth provider about backup plans – for both equipment and personnel.

Lighting is a crucial component of amazing photos. And you want a provider who uses state-of-the-art equipment. Ask to see examples. Choose the technology that works best for your event, especially if sharing on social media is a priority.

Complete your entertainment experience with a photo booth

While a photo booth is no substitute for a professional photographer, the images will certainly add another dimension to your memories. Your guests will enjoy creating keepsakes and having some fun clowning around with the props. You can even add a greenscreen background for an immersive experience.

Be sure to ask your local Bunn DJ Company about photo booth options and how to make the most out of this guest entertainment experience.